Focus Area

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Assessment & Instrumentation

Assessment and instrumentation is one of the three focus areas of UERL. Here are some selected activities that we would like to share with you.

In conjunction with the International Exposition of Research and Innovation in Education 2013 (Edu-In ERI2013), Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) launched UPSI Pscychometrics; a project developed in collaboration with MIMOS to be used in educational institution for assessing academic staffs as well as students in university.

This strategic partnership between UPSI and MIMOS successfully blends both respective expertise and technologies to jointly develop 4 instruments that can be used to maximise human potential towards educational excellence.

The Psychometrics Cluster at MIMOS is instrumental is promoting and practising psychometrics in Malaysia and has the expertise in the fundamentals and applications of psychometrics theories and techniques as well as psychometric-related technologies for educational as well as psychological testing in Malaysia.


MIMOS’ collaboration with UPSI, synonymous with the Malaysian education field creates a synergy with the latter as a subject matter expert in the development of tests namely in the field of Psychology, ICT, Mathematics, Malay Language, English language to enhance decision making towards quality education.

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